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Feel like you're always on the go?


Your Body & Mind

Simply book onto our services to feel like you again. 

We understand how it feels to be overwhelmed by day to day life 

We are Emily & Cain and together we want to help you to find your innerspace. A place of contentment and ease. A place where you feel happy and confident. Isn't that what we all want?

Between us, we are professionally trained in aromatherapy, massage, yoga, breathwork, meditation, and school teaching. We passionately believe that through holistic approaches we can support your wellbeing and help you to feel at your best.

We have both suffered from the all too familiar stresses and strains of modern life. We believe that our holistic approaches will help you to find what we all deserve: more innerspace.  

A very supportive, valuable experience. There was an open, friendly feeling to the sessions and members seemed to feel relief at being able to share their thoughts and feelings in a way ordinary life does not always allow. I felt privileged to be part of it.

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